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Discover Romania’s Enchantment with Axen Holidays

Begin on an unforgettable journey to Romania, a land where history whispers in ancient castles, vibrant cities pulsate with life, and breathtaking landscapes inspire awe. Axen Holidays invites you to explore this captivating country, offering convenient flights and expert guidance to ensure an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Romania’s Captivating Cities:

  • Bucharest: The bustling capital, nicknamed “Little Paris,” boasts grand architecture, from the majestic Palace of Parliament to the charming Stavropoleos Monastery. Explore the lively Old Town, bustling with cafes, art galleries, and vibrant street life.
  • Brasov: Located amidst the Carpathian Mountains, Brasov is a medieval gem. explore  its intriguing past at Bran Castle, popularly known as Dracula’s Castle, or wander through the charming Piața Sfatului (Council Square) with its colorful houses.
  • Cluj-Napoca: A vibrant university town, Cluj-Napoca offers a unique blend of history and modern charm. Explore the Gothic St. Michael’s Church, stroll through the picturesque Central Park, or wander through the lively Unirii Square.

Beyond the Cities: Romania’s Allure:

  • Transylvania: experience the legendary land of vampires and discover charming villages, dramatic castles, and stunning mountain landscapes. Hike the Făgăraș Mountains, one of the most beautiful ranges in Europe, or visit the UNESCO-listed Sighișoara Citadel, a medieval marvel.
  • The Black Sea Coast: Unwind on the pristine beaches of the Black Sea. Soak up the sun in Mamaia, explore the historical city of Constanța, or explore  the ancient ruins of Histria, a  reminder of the region’s rich past.

A Culinary Adventure:

  • Sarmale: Savor these delicious cabbage rolls, typically filled with minced meat, rice, and spices, a staple in Romanian cuisine.
  • Gulaş: Experience the warmth of a hearty goulash, a rich stew often made with beef, vegetables, and paprika.
  • Mămăliga: This versatile cornmeal porridge is a popular side dish, enjoyed with various stews and sauces.

Must-Do Experiences:

  • Hike through the dramatic Făgăraș Mountains and witness stunning alpine scenery.
  • Visit the enchanting Peles Castle, a masterpiece of neo-Renaissance architecture.
  • Explore the UNESCO-listed painted monasteries of northern Moldavia, boasting exquisite frescoes.
  • Journey through the Danube Delta, a haven for diverse wildlife and stunning natural beauty.

Your Romanian Adventure with Axen Holidays!

Are you ready to explore Romania? Axen Holidays ensures a seamless travel experience, offering convenient flights, expert guidance, and access to exclusive deals. Let us be your partner in creating an unforgettable journey to this  land. Contact Axen Holidays today to start planning your Romanian escapade! With flights to Romania from the UK, including direct options, and even business class flights available, your adventure awaits. Start your journey with us now!

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